On-line Application Form

In order to get to know you better and assess your suitability for our firm, we should be pleased if you would complete an application form for the relevant office by following the link below. You are welcome to supplement your application with a CV and other documentation. Please take your time and due care in completing this important document. We look forward to hearing more about you in the following pages.




10 Good Reasons to Join Nexia Southern Africa

  • You will get excellent practical training to complete your training contract and qualify as a Chartered Accountant (SA)
  • You will meet some of the most brilliant entrepreneurial business people in the country
  • You will see some of the best entrepreneurial thinking in action - excellent exposure if you want to run your own business one day
  • Your experience will be broad (seeing jobs end to end) and varied (broad spectrum client base)
  • With its international affiliation, you will be able to utilise the opportunity to work with the affiliate offices overseas (provided you excel) upon qualification
  • You will get ample study leave and support when studying part-time
  • You will enjoy working directly with the Partners in most instances
  • You will work hard and not even know it - because it is just so much fun
  • The social aspects of the firm will mean that you are likely to build one of the best business networks that will last you for the rest of your life
  • The atmosphere in the office (and out on the job) is relaxed and very personal - we enjoy our work, our firm and our people